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Strategic Partnerships

Lion Partnership operates as a collective of individuals companies all looking to forward the Modern Dealership. By joining together we are able to offer more concise and accurate advice to allow effieciency and profitability to prosper. 

Our Strategic Partners are just that... Partners. We do not receive any performance based incentives for advising the use of their products or services and likewise we do not offer any referral fees back. We stand by reputation and performance alone.

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Career Changers USA

Career Changers USA specializes recruiting management, sales, service and collision center technicians for dealerships across the United States – and we can help train them to be the best in the business! Our team, led by seasoned professional, Larry J. Feldman, includes previous dealer owners, GM’s, top sales performers, F&I experts, and service department managers. Unlike job boards, general staffing firms and traditional recruiters, we know what it takes to run a profitable dealership. Our team painstakingly goes through all applicants and provides you with only the highest performing candidates, that best fit your specific needs.

(866) 735-7791


Experience seamless communication management with Ntelegence! Our all-in-one platform lets you handle phone calls, texts, chat, and form leads effortlessly. Eliminate the chaos of misplaced contacts and sticky notes. Partner with us to optimize your sales and marketing strategies, uncover new efficiencies, and elevate your business operations.

Ready to transform your communication process? Get started with Ntelegence today!

(720) 790-7900

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Dealer POS

Not all merchants (or dealers) are created equal, especially when it comes to payment acceptance, and automotive dealerships are on of those industries that demand a payment platform taylored to their specific needs. Introducing DealerPOS powered by FleetCharge-io, a dealer-specific payment solution that combines cloud-based flexibility with powerful payment intelligence. 

Eliminate the Cost, Not the Customer
(334) 734-7112

Benchmark Data Suite

In 2016, a team of automotive professionals and data experts came together with a singular vision: to create a software
solution that transforms the way dealerships manage and analyze their data.

This vision gave birth to Benchmark, a product dedicated to delivering the best data experience in the automotive industry.

We Transform Data Into Dealership Success
(312) 590-7177


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BDC Angels

With over forty years of combined experience, BDC Angels is dedicated to enhancing dealership operations and vendor partnerships. We specialize in service and sales BDCs, internet operations, service lanes, and showrooms. Whether you're looking to boost customer loyalty, improve lead conversion rates, or need us to lead your traffic generation efforts, we offer custom strategies for traditional or hybrid teams. In business development, success relies on attracting and engaging customers. Our proven track record in driving substantial traffic through both onsite and remote BDC operations speaks for itself. Ready to discuss how we can help? Let us guide you through these challenging times.

(602) 777-4641

Radiant Ride

Now it’s easy to keep your car looking pristine. With the Radiant Ride Car Care Program, you get your dings, dents, tears, and more repaired just by taking your car into the dealership for routine maintenance. Or you can schedule a time for us to come to you! We partner with a network of auto dealerships and smart mobile cosmetic car repair specialists. Your friends will think your car is new year after year. You’ll love driving your “always new” car, and you’ll love the price you get when it comes time for resale.

(888) 822-2514


Fixed Ops Marketing

FixedOPS Marketing offers a complete, hands-off marketing solution for fixed operations, built with modern technology, using the highest-converting tools, and labeled as “the best decision ever made” by Fixed Ops Directors. We’re the solution to your incomplete, underwhelming or nonexistent digital marketing. We prove it.

Our solutions live within and enhance your website, run 24x7x365, are fully automated, and are compatible on any device. We manage all of it for you, send out reporting automatically, and reach out to you monthly to review results and suggest offers. A fully-functioning admin is always available to you.

(972) 510-5110


Onboarding was created for leaders, innovators, and visionaries all around the world that truly believe they can make an impact on anything they do. Our passion is to eliminate inefficiencies, provide an easier way to build processes that establish consistency and uncover the hidden potential that lies within an organization's greatest asset. It's people. We have the technology that is connecting the disconnected world in business, and we're giving our people access to everyone & everything they need at an entirely new level. We will be a part of building the type of culture of caring, empowering, and valuing those that we serve by simplifying the complexities that get in the way of our daily progress. Onboardian will give you the competitive advantage with brand new insight and the easiest way to accelerate your growth and revenue.

(708) 627-2673


Katie Mares Consulting

Katie brings to the table a unique blend of experience, combining her expertise in customer experience, resilience building, and women’s empowerment. As a celebrated keynote speaker and author, Katie's journey includes a profound personal story of resilience as a domestic abuse survivor, single mother, and choice maker- all of which has fueled my dedication to empowering others.

Katie's TED talk, “The Art of Choice,” and her best-selling book, “CustomHER Experience,” encapsulate my commitment to inspiring positive, actionable change within the organizations she partners with.
(437) 448-0244

Oval Learning

Oval Learning believes in taking a principle approach to all that we do. We believe when you understand the principle of an action you are more successful. We help to foster an environment that creates team synergy. We do this through first understanding the who behind the operation. We deploy a strategic framework to evaluating your current processes and projects and help you minimize input while maximizing output creating an efficient use of time and resource.

(763) 213-5366


Black Breach

Since 2015, Black Breach has been a client-focused cybersecurity consulting and special services firm, offering expert services, training, and actionable responses. Our team comprises former Operators, Officers, and Special Agents from the NSA, DoD, FBI, and CIA, skilled in both offensive and defensive cybersecurity for large organizations.

Led by Justin Shanken, we provide unparalleled, experience-based insights on preventing, protecting against, and preparing for critical cyber incidents.
(855) 232-2226

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