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Shift into High Gear

Our experts have over 250 years of combined experience, each with over 20,000 hours of defined industry expertise.

We can all agree that the Automotive Industry is one of the most complex dynamic multi-faceted industries out there. With New and Pre-Owned Dealers, Service Facilities, Collision Centres, Rental Operations, Parts Warehouses and more there are so many choices for our potential customers to engage with. Add on the digital presence of direct to consumer and this list becomes almost endless. Customer Experience and Satisfaction plays a larger role than ever before with OEM's measuring results on every level.

Dealerships are under enormous pressure to change and optimize. Analysing data will become your focus defining your individual KPI's. Understanding the customer experience will drive referrals, retention and loyalty. With efficiency propelling profitability, internal operations will be digitally streamlined while still maintaining an enthusiastic team and positive culture.  

The Lion Partnership was developed to engage this for the dealership. 

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Let's Grow This Business

Everyone both wants it and needs it but have we defined on how to grow it. Over the past few weeks I have seen many people place job recruitment to layoff posts, what do they have in common?

Quick Tip:

Budgets, Targets & Goals

Over my career I have had the opportunity to guide some amazing individuals to success with this one theory of setting individuals goals.

The Hours of Operation are Changing

With everything that has happened since the beginning of 2020, like inventory excesses the business model of being open day and night to secure every possible prospect is also disappearing.
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