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The Lion Partnership is a collective of Automotive Experts whose cumulative experience encompasses all facets of the industry. Operating as a co-operative we recognize the power of teamwork and it's need for strategic thinking and forward looking collaboration. 


Understanding that as a employee, an individual is less likely to create conflict or disruption, thereby magnifying any concern. With our experience we have the ability to focus on the issue without bias recommending solutions to limit the liabilities both financially and corporately. 

Regardless of how you ask your team, they will never jeopardize their positions. So are you getting the real truths?

With the Lion Partnership we expedite the discovery. Immediately engaging to get the facts, interpret the truth, create solutions, manage implementation, define success and assist with succession planning if necessary.

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Core Values


Absolute confidentiality
comes first

As we are from the industry, we understand and recognize the need for absolute confidentiality. This is a core belief shared by our entire team.

Regardless if you engage us or not, we have a strict NDA that binds us in agreement for discretion purposes as such you are assured no information whatsoever will be shared.

Professional & reliable team of experts

Our Team is a collection of experts from the industry, each with over 20,000 hours of specific automotive experience directly positioned to your needs. 

Further from their experience the collective networks of each partner exponentially expands the reach of the dealer beyond that of the individual.

Proprietary diagnostics and auditory tools

Gaining knowledge and insight into the operations and individuals are defined like never before. Our auditory values will display how specifically each is performing and where the liabilities lay. 

With this information we can design and execute pathways to success with precision and laser focus.

Personalised service with leadership 

Whether you engage us for a single concern or multiple services we design our interactions for personalization. As such are there to build your brand and display leadership to your team. 

Our focus is always to lead by example and create a positive environment for the individual, team and stakeholders.

customer service

Understanding that Customer Service is the forefront of success within the industry we remain available as a trusted advisor throughout the process. 

As our confidentiality agreements do not allow for testimonials will rely on displaying our competency through our services for continued opportunities and  results.

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