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Are you open to change?

It's Monday... What are you doing to start your week? Are you looking to improve or just stay constant?

Here are a few tips on how the simplest of changes can effect your life, happiness and financial success.

1. Set Goals... Without setting goals, we are just wallowing in our own complacency, by aiming for nothing you'll hit it everytime. Defining a clear set of goals will allow you to aim for an upward movement. I suggest choosing three levels for each; Budget, Target, and Goal. Budget is the level necessary to reach profitability. Make Target a percentage above Budget giving yourself a deserved accomplishment for reaching. Finally, Goal being a difficult but achievable level should everything align for success.

2. Plan... "A good plan is like a roadmap: It shows the final destination and usually the best way fo getting there, H. Stanley Judd". By reverse engineering our goals we can plan on the best way to get there knowing that the best plans may need modifying along the way but at least we are on the map to success.

3. Execute... "A Plan without action is a Speech, T. Boone Pickens". If we don't take what we have designed and put it in place are efforts are worthless and just empty promises to ourselves. Execute on your plan everyday. Make that promise to yourself to engage in your detailed action plan for success. The results will astonish you.

4. Track... In recent development seminar I attended the speaker asked what I was tracking to measure success, my answer was results. Think about that answer for a moment as I did after I said it. How did I get those results? It was the smaller steps that got me there. Why wasn't I tracking those? How many interactions did I need to convert a sale? What were the steps to get those interactions and so on... So track all relevant information and you results will improve. With this we can alter the Plan, not the Goal.

5. Exercise/Eat Right... By taking care of your body, your body will take care of you. Only 23.2% of Adults met the recommended exercise goals for weekly physical activity. So get out there and do something even if it's just taking a daily walk around the block. Further it by eating right, choose your meals and snacks wisely. By doing so you will improve your overall health dramatically. Look into what your eating and limit the consumption of sugars, carbs and alcohol and you will see the results immediately.

6. Personal Development... Make a personal goal to improve yourself with development. The is no such thing as an old dog can't learn a new trick. Sure we can... Regardless of our thoughts continue personal development and we will see the result of our efforts. Think of it this way... Look back a year ago, five, ten, twenty or more. What was it like? Have things changed? Of course they have... without development we would still be there. This also works for you so add it to your daily routine.

7. Sleep/Rest... It's very important to rest. Getting a proper night's sleep it how we recharge our batteries. How does anything perform on limited power? Poorly... So why would it be anything different for us. Plan your sleep accordingly but also take time to slow things down during your day to allow for quick recharges. Combine this with exercise and you will find your sleep is deeper and more substantial.

8. Be Grateful... By recognizing that the position you are in is a privilege not a right, any resentment will depart and a new found appreciation will soon follow. Clearing the mind of negative thoughts will allow for the right positive encouragement to take control. Being grateful will improve your daily interactions by showing displaying empathy and humility for others. No longer will you place yourself over other but will you will see yourself as an equal therefore creating an environment around yourself that others wish to interact and engage with.

9. Be Open to Change... Finally be open to change. A good friend one said "If you can't accept it, change it. If you can't change it, move on". I have lived way this since the day I heard it. If we are not acceptant of the position or place we are in then get out there and change it. If we cannot change it then it is time for us to move on as we are not where we should be moving back to step one never looking on it as failure but a renewed change for success. Mistakes are life's learning experiences and without them we would never learn. "Success is not final, Failure is not fatal: It's the courage to continue that counts, Winston Churchill".

By engage in these steps and tips you will see positive results. Remember Rome wasn't built in a day and neither is success but by placing a daily effort towards a goal it will drive beneficial results. Multiplying this over time will define greater impact, personal and financial improvement, all creating a better environment for you and others around you.

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