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Integrity above all...

Over the years I have always followed a couple of rules Trust and Respect are always given not earned and Integrity is paramount above all. These philosophies have given me challenges over the years but when weighed against my own personal belief system I have always come out the benefactor regardless of the situation.

Let me explain the first statement before I get into Integrity. Trust and Respect are always given. Why would this be the case? Why doesn't someone or something like a brand have to earn my Trust and Respect first? Its easy its more about you than them. Now people will argue this opinion as saying by giving these it leads to increased failures and disappointing let-downs. However by giving rather than receiving you show that you, yourself are trustworthy and respectful as you value the traits as part of your inherent core, that you show confidence in your decision making abilities, and that you are willing to take a risk to find that diamond. As for the failures, a wise person said to me if you wish to increase you success rate double you failure rate, Apple failed many times before Steve Jobs convinced us to put Music on a iPod.

As for Integrity... This to me Paramount above all as with Trust and Respect once lost it is nearly impossible to gain back. Integrity is your and yours along as such its only yours to lose. You always have it until you lose it so treasure it, hold it with that foresight of its importance. Think of the credibility it garners like Trust and Respect only more powerful as it cannot be given. Like the old adage you are only as good as your word Integrity is the cornerstone of your foundation. If you make an error be accountable for it, give credit to all those who contribute, be a leader.

Having integrity is not just limited to you personally. It must be in everything you represent, the company's, the manufacturers, everything as by admission they are an extension of you. Your integrity could be infallible yet if the company or the manufacturer is not. Where does that put you? Directly or indirectly it challenges your integrity. Each time they let you down you cannot recover as you lose a bit of your integrity. You put your trust and respect in them to act accordingly. Choose wisely when associating your integrity with others. Carl Sewell once said "If a customer claims they lost their tennis racket while their car was in for service, trust your staff but buy them another racket. The cost of the racket is far less than challenging the client's integrity".

By using this thought process we can now grow in who we are. If we show others Trust and Respect we will reciprocally gain it back. Our Integrity will lead us in the best direction through our career and life path. We will fail but those failures will lead to success, we will lead rather than follow but most of all we will do right by ourselves and others.

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