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"It’s never too late to start over... If you weren't happy with yesterday, try something different.

Don't stay stuck. Do better..."​

I have always said starting each day with an exercise in personal development is one of the greatest keys to success. Think about it, if we are to take time to engage ourselves in something that will expand our horizons, knowledge or self-image what are we going to obtain... Experience. With experience, we gather valuable assets to empower ourselves in our daily events whether they are mental, social, physical, financial, and that list goes on.

Never has anyone said I wish to be a failure. We all want to do better in life, go forward, become more successful, create more, do more. What are our challenges in doing so? TIME? EFFORT? ABILITY? ACCESSIBILITY? The small bumps on the road and not the roadblocks we make them out to be. I have been told over and over again by my mentors in life if you want something bad enough, you'll put the in time and effort to get it. Is it reasonable to think that the Wayne Gretzky, David Beckham, and Tom Brady’s of the world started of playing the way they did simply from their talents alone? Not a chance, they took their passions, put in their time, effort and honed their abilities. They took their personal development seriously, improving their abilities and thereby creating accessibility to success. Therefore, time and effort equal success.

TIME... How many times have you heard someone say I don't have the time? I know not only have I heard it many times myself, but I've been guilty of it many times as well. Let’s think about that for a minute... Pardon the pun... “I DON’T HAVE THE TIME”. I can attack this on many different levels. First and foremost, would be organization and efficiency. Are we lacking in this department? Create a schedule and adhere to it. Recognize the need for it. Prioritize. If something is taking too much of your time assess it to see if it’s really worth it. Now that we see what we are doing let make time for ourselves. Try to put aside at least two hours a day for your personal development. Split these into two areas, mental and physical. Just as our minds need to continue grow and sharpen our bodies need the attention as well for physical well-being. A healthy body is the best receptacle for mental stimulation. For your mind, get back to basics and nothing is more basic than reading. Studies show those who constantly read have increased focus, goal setting, increased memory, and are more educated and informed. Who wouldn't want that? It’s so simple. Pick a topic and read about it. I don't care what it is. I don't care if it’s a book, a magazine or even a subject on the internet. Just read... As for the body just as simple... Do something. Get involved in activities, exercise, take up a physical hobby. Just do something. When your body is engaged in a physical activity it is operating at its best. It’s increasing the blood flow to the brain and releasing endorphins to make you feel better, more alert and focused. The brain is not the only part of your body to benefit but then again will all know that. So, take the time to engage in activity.

EFFORT… We all can put aside the time to do something but if we don't make that effort to engage and complete the task, we will never reap the benefits. Why, do we not do it? Are we lazy? Do we lack the confidence to complete? Do we fear the unknown or what we foreshadow as the results of our efforts? There are only two possible results. DONE and NOT DONE. If we take the latter for a minute and think. What are the possibilities of NOT DONE? If you don't do something how can you ever believe that it could be the path to success? Does the laziest ever make it to the podium? NO and NO. What are the possibilities of DONE? All are positive regardless of the result. Each is an experience we can grow upon, we can later look back and reflect upon for further developmental growth. I know we have all read things, taken courses, held positions, that have made us wonder why we wasted our time however it’s that effort and that experience that has developed us to move to a more positive position.

Now for the two trickier terms... Ability and Accessibility... We all are not born with it although some would argue that some have greater potential than others or some have natural talents that other do not possess. Again, some would argue that through money, power and influence others get to positions that are reserved for only the elite.

Let's look at this... ABILITY... It is a direct equation of time + effort. If you don't put in the time and effort you will NEVER excel. Wayne Gretzky would play on the rink from first light well into the darkness. Sure, he had a natural talent, but it was the drive and passion increased his natural talent that took him to being the Great One. Training improves results, practice makes perfect, all are direct reflection of time and effort to increase one's ability. As we increase our abilities a natural thing happens... Accessibility, the doors begin to open...

So, when that potential opportunity happens. How is it filled? Do they look for the worse fit or the best possible? Why should we think the people we interact with should think otherwise? Therefore, if we take TIME and EFFORT, combine it with ABILITY, package it to create EXPERIENCE, why wouldn't we have ACCESSIBILITY to SUCCESS. Think of it. Those who generally have reaped the rewards of life have put in the time and effort, built their abilities, and have had the doors opened for them. They are the first candidates for the job. They are looked upon as leaders. They are recognized as the go to people in times of need or want. Isn’t that what we wish to accomplish? Is that not the road to success?

Personal development is so instrumental in the journey to reach our goals. So, take the time, put in the effort, expand your abilities and watch the doors to accessibility open to create success on all levels.

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