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Leadership... Are you leading them down the right path?

During my daily scan of LinkedIn, I came across a post I wanted to not only share but discuss. It was an image of thirteen inspirational traits of inspirational leaders. The author who wanted to share was not the author of the quote shared his thoughts and I will share mine.

After reading each one, and sometimes more than once I took time to think, reflect and understand the vision of each statement. Did I do that, offer that, believe in that or strive to that in which the statement described. Was I being the leader that I wanted to be or was I just managing a team?

What if there are people out there that look at this list and say “who does this or worse… I don’t have time for this”. Are they creating the culture that we need to succeed? Who wouldn’t see the value in using and processing these traits? I know that I want to be that leader.

There will always be people that are out there that have no idea how to lead, usually there are the ones that have been subjected to bad environments prior. They follow along the path of it’s always been done this way or have an I am the Boss attitudes. The don’t have the time or inkling to change, they don’t believe it is necessary to improve culture or success. They lack the understanding of how a small change can net a huge result, of how much impact you can have on an individual, on their psyche, well-being, careers and life.

Being a good leader takes time and effort to reap rewards. Being a great leader takes commitment to another level. Focus on those who you lead, have patience, mentor, develop, display positive habits, put the energy in. Greet everyone with a smile, treat all questions as positive learning experiences, create the impression of the person you strive to be, leave an impact for those to follow as that is what a leader is about. If you can answer that is who you are, fantastic, if not it’s time to assess can you become this person or is it time for you to move on to another role. It takes a lot of responsibility to lead, some do an incredible job with others not so much. It’s not their fault, either they were poorly chosen, or poorly trained regardless help is always available, should they not choose it then it’s time for a reassessment.

A mentor of mine used a term often spoken by sport coaches “It’s time for a check-up from the neck up”. In other words… time to think, about the past, about the future and how you are going to define it. He also put it as “Accept it, Change it, or Move on”. If you cannot accept it, change it; if you cannot change it; it’s time to move on”. You will be defined by your efforts and those who lead you. What path are you on?

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