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Review and Reviews

Simple words so often overlooked and ignored yet if we are to grow and benefit from them we must understand their importance, their significant role in our lives, and subsequently our success.

Review, review, review. If we are wanting to grow and become more successful, be it accomodation, positioning, or financial wherewithal, we must first understand the importance of review. Review can take many forms from general, to statistical to impactful. Each with its own importance and reasonings, and each with equal levels of importance.

A famous quote from carpentry is measure twice cut once. Simple to break down, double check your work before you move on, yet so many don't. If a carpenter was to only measure once and cut, the impact of the elimination of doubling up on that step would increase potential waste as no human is infallible. Mistakes would be made and with wood like hair it cannot be glued back on. The issue at play here is time. Most look at it as an efficiency model; if we can increase the throughput regardless of the minor errors, we can increase the profitability. This is the throw everything at the wall model, see what sticks and the results will speak for themselves. The reason I mentioned hair earlier, is this the specific model used by low-cost high-volume chain hair salons across the country. Its an accepted behavior and result from both the consumer and the provider. The lower the cost, the increased speed, the lower expectation; all of which formulate into a drop of in client retention over time. Using the increased value (low cost) vs quality of service equation will eventually fail unless the throughput can continually fill the need. For them it's a formula of affordability. What is the price point that will have people returning regardless of goods or services? What is the drop-off point? How can we implement gains in throughput? One can say these questions are raised in all businesses however success comes when quality/service exceeds value.

Statistics show that quality brings loyalty and loyalty breeds retention. If we add this to conspicuous consumption or exclusivity we can create a winning formula. In the late 1970's Honda engaged in a design study with the sole purpose would North American consumers pay more for a upscale Honda? The reasoning was import restrictions were high and the more expensive cars were the more profitable they were. With restriction Honda was crippled by limits therefore a solution needed to be found to remain financially viable. So millions of dollars were invested and the result was a resounding NO. So Acura was developed. What makes this unique is Acura's are only sold in limited countries with most of the world their models still being called Hondas. No one can deny the success of Acura, like Honda their cars bring a quality level that is near unheard of. That quality is rewarded with loyalty to the brand as consumer expectation is met and exceeded. Follow this with retention and the success model is as secure as the foundation it's built upon. Further it's a near guarantee if service/quality perception exceeds value profitability is sure to increase. This is proven with the demand for upmarket brands. Almost every industry has them from Automotive to Hospitality, from Clothing to Real Estate.

When looking at the final review, impact or impactful it's more of a personal review, a performance review of sorts. How does the structure look upon how impactful the person, product or event is upon achieving the desired result? Have they achieved their set goals? Did they past a milestones? What quadrant of achievement did they land in? All measurement in definitive performance however it go beyond that in culturative performance. Did they contribute to the building of the team or environment? Are they a leader or just a soldier? Are they an artist or an executor? All these come with impact reviews. One could trait could be as important as another when balancing a team. Herb Brooks said that he didn't want All-Stars when drafting the 1980 Olympic Hockey Team, he wanted a Team. A group of individuals that would shine together as one and stood together for the common goal. It was this philosophy that allowed that team of unknowns to best the unbeatable Russians and take the Gold Medal. A true achievement as it was something that hadn't been accomplished in 20 years. Thus, cementing the importance of a balanced team. In picking his team, Herb reviewed historical performance data, real time measurement along with a generous helping of gut feeling building that team to succeed and that they did.

Now, reflecting back upon the three review types listed they are all followed by reviews. Reviews by the public, by your industry, coworkers and peers. This is the intelligence we gather from the comments we obtain from various sources and media. Its an outside measurement of our performance and should be encouraged at all times. We should qualify it and quantify it, measure and reward it. We should broadcast it both good and bad as it highlights authenticity, responsibility and accountability. Consumers crave measurement as a form of review for embracing their decision making process reaffirming their choices. Team members look to reviews for assurances and competitive structures. Manufactures look to reviews for confidence and directives. Each plays a part and should be held equally across all structures of measurement as they are all accordingly important.

Thinking back to review and reviews will allow us the understanding that what we do is a reflection upon how we are looked up. If we show our interest, compassion, understanding and professionalism we will grow and succeed. If we use these measurements to our advantage we will edge the competition, increase market share, creating consumer loyalty and retention all along benefiting profitability. Bottom-line is reviews are for the long game not the short, they are for careers not jobs, they are for success not just paychecks.

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