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Sales 101

A wise person once said to me "Sales is the Transference of Passion and Knowledge to Create Excitement". This is statement is so true in many ways as without any of these key components what would have NOTHING... So where does this leave us in the essence of our positions in Sales?

Let's examine the statement... A Transference of Passion and Knowledge to Create Excitement. Well the first word PASSION is easy. Passion is simply put is something you believe deeply in. Whether its a product, service, or opinion without Passion you will never be able to relay this belief to another individual. Think of it this way, if you represent a product that you believe to be lacking in one or two areas, that the prospects aren't engaging and the whole process is monotonous. Do you see Passion there? You don't. So how are you expected to show your prospects and clients it? You can't. My Father always said "If you are going to represent anything represent something you believe in as it shows integrity and without integrity you have nothing". Again, this goes hand in hand with Passion. You need that Passion in the process to represent that you believe in the what you represent.Therefore Passion is everything in the process.

The next step is Knowledge. This can be and must be obtained to create credibility. I remember going on sales calls with my father as a teenager and on our way to the call he would constantly go over various points developing complete process for each and every client. Using this playbook he had focused on the clients needs, wants, the competition, the mechanics of the machine/systems, run times, downtimes and complete costs. This knowledge was invaluable to the sales call, the client and my Father. It allowed him to sell a more expensive product yet showed an overall cost savings to the customer. It was a benefits proposition and it beat the lesser priced competition more times than not. It wasn't the better deal it was the better value and his knowledge won them over.

So now with Passion and Knowledge we can transfer them to excitement. Without Excitement we can never get the client to the point of purchase. We have all heard "Sell the Sizzle not the Steak, its Ruth Chris' core philosophy if your steak isn't sizzling when it arrives at your table its no good. What are they creating? Excitement... Not only that they are selling you on an idea that all others are unlike them as therefore not up to their standards. They are putting themselves in a differentiator category. More on this later in another post.

But now we are putting it all together in a package. Passion and Knowledge to create the Excitement. This is the only way to take the client on the journey to sales success. Think of it the next time you face your prospect or client. Are you engaged in the product? Are you passionate about your beliefs? Do you have the ability to answer all questions correctly and accurately? And finally are you transferring that to your client to get them excited and ready to accept. If you are doing all these things your success will inevitable.

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